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About Cove

Cove has been in business specializing in auto insurance claims since 1976. Our main priority and goal is to please you, our customer.

Trusted Relationship

Your insurance company may try suggesting a repair shop in which they have a relationship with due to their willingness to work more cost-effectively for the insurance company.

Straight to the Point

Cove avoids cutting corners. Our goal is to provide our customer with the highest quality auto body work and repair possible.

The smallest details make the biggest difference


Our Service

Since 1976, Cove has guaranteed our customers a lifetime warranty on all of our work.


After an accident, deciding on which registered repair shop to have repair your vehicle can be very stressful and draining without any guidance. Cove understands this and is here to help you get through all the steps. With our Experience and guidance you will have a seamless and stress-free process.

Paint Matching

To the untrained eye, paint matching might not be as noticeable until pointed out. Our skilled professionals take the time and effort to make sure the paint matches perfectly, and that the car looks as it did when new, before being released.

24 Hour Towing

In case of an emergency, Cove has a number of trucks which are available to service you 24/7. In case of a car accident or mechanical break-down please feel free to call for our assistance no matter the hour. 718-777-9277

Pick-Up & Delivery

Finding a way to transport your vehicle can be challenging especially in the case of your car being damaged and/or malfunctioning. Coves’ experienced staff of professionals will provide you with door service. It is extremely dangerous to operate a vehicle which has been in an accident and/or malfunctioning. Cove’s pick-up and delivery service will pick up the vehicle and , at your request, drop off the vehicle as well once repair is completed.


We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

Your Rights

It is unaware to most drivers that according to the New York State Law you are guaranteed your choice of which repair shop to have repair your vehicle after an accident. This means that it is your choice, not the insurance companies, as to which registered repair shop to have your vehicle towed or driven to in order to be repaired.


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